Banish Travel Aches

Follow Studio Australia's video guide to pilates stretches you can do in your hotel room

We all know that travelling by car or plane can tighten muscles in your body and bring on pain, especially in your back.

The good news is that generally you can fix the stiffness and aches with some simple targeted stretches. Indeed all you really need is 12 minutes peace and quiet in your hotel room.

Studio Australia Barcelona, a Pilates, health and wellness studio in Gracia, Barcelona, has produced a series of videos available on YouTube that can help you get over your travel aches and pains. Co-founder, Natalia Laing, guides you all the way through a series of stretches to help your psoas, hip flexors, quadriceps and hamstrings.

If the aches persist, or you prefer a more personal experience, you can treat yourself to a visit at Studio Australia’s health and wellness studio for a massage, Pilates class or an osteopathy treatment.

For more information about the services offered by Studio Australia Barcelona visit their website or call (+34) 932 185 093.

Studio Australia Barcelona


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