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Letter From the Editor

While online content is often great for dipping in and out to find specific information or to spend two minutes reading a blog article, it’s harder to find a fully curated reading experience. Digital magazines are available in mobile operating system app stores, but these are often nothing more than a PDF version of a print magazine.

B3 aims to fill a gap. It’s online and therefore interactive – check out our round up features where we ask for your contributions, or our Your Barcelona section, where we ask readers to take part in the article. It’s also a curated magazine experience. Sit down with a coffee, grab your tablet and browse through our features at your own pace.

We deliberately took the decision to be on the web, rather than produce an app. We believe the open web offers more freedom and flexibility for our content, and as a publishing company we don’t wish to be tied to closed environments and unfair revenue restrictions.

This is just the start for us. B3 is our first publication, aimed at business travellers to Barcelona and timed to launch during Mobile World Congress 2015. Other publications will be coming through the year and we’re also available as a technology and content producing team for brands who need a digital contract publishing solution.

I hope you enjoy this first issue. Please feel free to send me feedback at I look forward to reading your comments.

Martin Petts
Founder and Editor


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